As a child I was already fascinated by rhythms and patterns. I loved to visit nature, the forest, the beach and desolate places. I was drawn to a world full of animals and other living creatures.

I studied scriptwriting and made several short films and finally found myself in the process of developing a feature film with a known producer.

Later I went to a volunteers project in the South of France. My job was to construct and renovate old buildings during my stay in a 12th century monastery. The surrounding made a strong impression on me and I felt a deep connection with the natural environment. Besides my construction work, all kinds of drawings emerged out of my pencil, which felted organic and free. This was the start for me as a self-taught artist in different disciplines.

Back in Amsterdam, I found my way to the forest again, the backyard of Amsterdam. The Amsterdamse bos, I consider as my green studio where I find endless inspiration and where I can shape my thoughts and new ideas. Besides story writing I made several series of ink drawings.

In the Amsterdamse bos I was captured by the grazing Scottish Highlanders with their long spiral horns. Their appearance in slow motion, with a certain rhythm in their colorful vegetation inspired me for a sculpture. There my first sculpture was born, Highlander. This was the start of Ode to the Wilderness, a concept that I established for my art projects. With Ode to the wilderness I want to express my love and wonder for nature and her animals. I am fascinated by how she moves, her patterns and structure which I try to integrate in my sculptures, drawings and writing.

During my walks in the forest I am touched by a strong atmosphere. The different trees, the light, the birds, the insects, the plants and all the other creatures, their vibrating activities come together and fall into place. In my work I try to come close to my walks in the forest and this I want to share with others.